Visitor and participant record at the IDS in Hockenheim


IDS Pro season at 14./15. May 2011 opens with spectacular drifts

With an overwhelming number of participants in the Street and also the Pro Class the IDS announced an exciting event at the Hockenheimring. Totally 56 drivers were reported and some more had to be rejected.

After the obligatory briefing in the morning on the first day of training, the drivers were informed about the track characteristics, the daily routine and the general safety conditions. Separated in groups, the drivers went on the very fast and attractive drift track in the paddock of the Hockenheimring. Already in the morning numerous spectators were there who cheered enthusiastically and admired the driver’s skills. The visitors and also the drivers were amazed by the newly installed drift wall, which played a big role for the PRO drivers to achieve the maximum points.

More and more the Pro series develops to a team sport. So some drift teams like the Alutec-Nissan team with Harald Müller and Michael Scherr attracted attention with the recently broadcasted review on GRIP- das Motormagazin on RTL II.

The of Alutec and LiveStrip supported team around Alex Gräff and also the two Swiss teams Speed-Industries and Driftteam Switzerland turned the paddock in a hodgepodge of motorhomes.

Gymkhana King Oliver Harsch and Uniroyal factory driver Patrick Ritzmann completed the very representative paddock

With 31 starters in the Street-Class the absolute maximum was reached. The higher was the power of the first three places who could preliminaries assess to the top. After a really sunny day of practice on the previous Saturday this time the weather was on the side of the Street drivers, so that all races could run in the dry on Sunday.

The very sympatric and enthusiastic drifter Ronny Thimmig achieved the first place also in the daily standings and so he could build on his impressive performance from the end of last season. Dominic La Roche took the second place and now he takes up the pursuit in the overall standings. At the first Street run he was chased by the puncture devil. Markus Müller also pointed his driving skills at the 2nd Street run by saving the 3rd place.  He just occupies the 2nd place in the overall standings and joins in the circle of the favorites.

Before the finals in the Pro Class would decide the winner, a visual treat was presented for the audience. The RC drifters had announced with 19 participants and presented their technical skills not only with replicas of current drift cars, but also by showing their dexterity in controlling.

Driven by a powerful electric motor to all four wheels and supported with appropriate drift tires the RC-Drifter could realize a larger drift angle than their big colleagues on the race track. Unfortunately they had to stop their art due to the wet weather conditions not to suffer damaged electronics.

Because of the bad weather damages in other ways have caused during the qualifying of the Pro drivers. By changing weather and track conditions caused by dry periods and torrential rain effusions the final qualifying result was a bit confused and there were some positive but also some negative surprises reported.  Saturday’s training was blessed with sun, so that even possible drift maneuvers simultaneously with four, five or more drifters were possible then all the drifters had to adapt changing conditions in qualifying very quickly.

Just in time for the finals the weather was sunny again and so the weather god gave the best drift weather to the drifters and spectators. In absolutely nerve-wracking and exciting twinbattles that took place just some centimeters from the drift wall, all drivers showed their skills and made the already enthusiastic audience applause. Supported by many fans from Switzerland the Swiss drifters were driven to top performances. So just Markus Militzer from Germany was able to prevent a triple victory for the Swiss drifters. After he had to pull Andrew Hirschy in his penultimate battle, he could beat Florian Zimmermann and finished it with the 3rd place.

In the final standings, Andrew Hirschy (Team Speed Industries) and Philippe Guillet alias DirtdropPhil (Team “Drift Team Switzerland”) had to drift against each other. For Philippe, who started in the Street-Class last year, it was probably the weekend of his life. For the first time he started as a Pro drifter in the IDS and finished the qualifying with the first place. So the pre-fight to the finals was an achievement that he also couldn’t really explain.

And then the final against Andrew Hirschy. Eagerly awaited by the viewers and especially by the Swiss fans, it was unfortunately a preliminary decision in the first twinbattle run, after Andrew has turned and earned no points. So Philippe just had to keep his nerves and drive the thing home, what the cool and jaded Swiss was able to accomplish without any problems and earned the first place. Next to the utensils for the champagne shower they also got attractive prices of the series partner Meguin oil and raid HP.

The pleasure in all those who were involved was felt visibly.the organizers, who were able to put this record participation in manner of all participants, the drivers, who were able to drift at the highest European level and the many traveled spectators, who could experience another very spectacular drift event in Hockenheim which now could establish in the event calendar in Hockenheim.


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