Review: IDS drivers drift to the top GRIP part drift show at RTL II, Germany


On 1rst May at 19:00 the long-awaited review of the parking garage drift in the Rhein-Galerie in Ludwigshafen was broadcasted in GRIP- das Motormagazin on RTL II.  Now you can see the fruit of the very long and exciting day of shooting. Below a small experience report and we can certainly be proud of the result:

Experience report

Even in the early morning, drifters and film crew met in the parking garage to inspect the conditions there. After a short presentation of the location on the Rhine promenade, it went into the parking garage. The two drifters Harald Müller and Michael Scherr were both looking forward to the day of filming and also if the drift in the parking garage will work without any problems. But first the two drift cars were put in perspective.

Just the engine noises of the two drift cars in the parking garage attracted many spectators who gather on the forecourt of the department store.

Inside of the building it was heated up: Michael and Harald tested the spindle and they couldn’t find any problems while driving to the top of it. Contrary to the expectations, the asphalt was still not too handy, but the bumps very were very difficult to handle for the drivers so that they had to be highly concentrated for the subsequent drift.

First, the two cars and drivers were interviewed more in detail. Would the two cars make it to drift the spindle to the top? Harald was not sure whether his car would make it upward, but was confident that Michael would meet the four floors.

But first moderator Matthias Malmedie and the two drifters watched a section of the movie “Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift”. Again, the actor did a spindle drift in a parking garage to the top. But the two experts agreed quickly: the stunt was not real, it was a fake! What looks like a simple task, was Hollywood at its best. However, both were sure, that they will really make this stunt.  Just moderator Matthias Malmedie had doubts, but was not able to be stopped to sit in the car during the first drift attempt.

Haralds 370Z made the start. At a rapit speed, it went along the spindle to the top. But unfortunately he did not manage to get the car into a good drift angle. After Harald’s attempt, Michael started the experiment with his car. The newly constructed 300ZX “disguised” as a green Hulk proved lot’s of force with his 550PS: In a perfect drift, he dove up to the top, where many spectators had already cheered and gathered the spindle king. But why was the drift so easy for Michael and not for Harry?

Michaels 300ZX is a completely modified IDS drift car and was specially adapted to the conditions for drifting. It’s 550 horse powers combined with the many amendments provided for a perfect drift in the car park. The 370Z is a complete near-series vehicle. But it turned out some days later that the differential lock of the Nissan was unfortunately broken, so it impossible to drift to the top. Also on irrigated driveway he had no success and just made it rudimentary to get the car in a good drift angle.

All in all it was a perfect day of shooting. Drivers and TV crew were both content with the performance of the drivers and also with the local conditions. Also the weather was very good and so everyone was looking forward to the finished film, which was shown recently on GRIP on RTL II. You could see clearly that it was worth it.

Thanks to all who were involved: the IDS drivers Harry Müller and Michael Scherr, the production team around Dion Heller, the Rhein-Galerie in Ludwigshafen with their manager Andrea Poul and the IDS photographer Lisa Linke for the photos.


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