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From now on the registration form for the IDS 2012 season is available in the web shop. For a valid registration as in the past few years, the delivery of a signed drivers agreement is required. You can see it here but you can also download it during the registration in the web shop. Because of the large demand from the international environment the number of participants is limited to 32 drivers. So it’s advisable to make a timely registration. Deadline is May 1st. Registered drivers will be entered on the website and so every driver will get a link with his dates after a successful registration.

Here we want to show you what services you have to expect by the IDS in 2012.

Sustainable and efficient marketing package with the X-Media Group:

With the X-Media Group, we are the market leader in the tuning sector .With a total of 6 magazines, it covers 60% of the market: These are:

  • EuroTuner, Runs 75.000 ex. 6 magazines per year
  • BMW Power, Auflage 61.000 Exemplare, 6 Ausgaben im Jahr
  • Mercedes Tuner, Auflage 48.000 Exemplare, 6 Ausgaben im Jahr
  • Maximum Tuner, Auflage 68.000 Exemplare, 6 Ausgaben im Jahr
  • VW&Audi, Auflage 70.000 Exemplare, 6 Ausgaben im Jahr
  • Youngtimer, Auflage 52.000 Exemplare, 6 Ausgaben im Jahr

Specifically in every Maximum Tuner magazine there will be a 8-16 page special supplement (Drift Magazine). The contents will be:

  • Drivers introductions and interviews
  • Car presentations and technical features
  • Reports and results of each run (IDS drifting, IDS Gymkhana, IDS in general,…)
  • A series of reports from foreign series (Formula D, D1 Japan,…)
  • IDS drift store promotions
  • Date overviews

There will be an extra edition of the drift magazine on every driftevent with 3.000-5.000 copies available for the distribution at the event. Depending on demand, in all the relevant magazines there will be competitions with prizes such as drift-specific drift taxi rides, trainings, etc.

At any event, the X-Media Group will make an adequate and timely take on pre- and post-coverage and send the results and latest news through its 2.500 addresses comprehensive e-mail list. So they will also help to promote the drifting on several online platforms like facebook, youtube, DailyMotion, Sevenload and especially in various TV production companiesand ultimately to TV broadcasters. The IDS already achieved TV hits such as “Jörg and Dragan”, “Endlich zu Hause” and “Grip-Parkhausdrift” and they will be repeated in similar way.

Attractive events for spectators:

As mentioned in the press release 4 weeks ago, the IDS will become an official Drifting Championship. This means that every single Pro-run will be at the same time an official run of the European Championship. The grand finale however, will take place at the Nürburgring on 12.-14. October. This event will probably be counted twice which will be decided at a later date in the regulations 2012.

A description of the vent is now available on the website at dates 2012 (German only, but very soon in english).

In addition to the already laid down seven championship rounds, there will be also other show activities at the Tuning World Bodensee and the Motor Show Essen. The final of the IDS Gymkhana will take place on the Motor Show in Essen and an event for all IDS drivers is provided there too.

Special conditions in the IDS Shop for Pro drivers on car parts and other expenses.

On the website of the IDS web shop we added some more articles. We are just at the beginning but already it is worth now to look at the various items:

  • Registrations for drivers to events
  • Participation transactions to drift trainings
  • Tickets for visitors for the events
  • Vouchers for taxi rides
  • Fan items of all kinds
  • Car parts

From the date of registration Pro drivers have benefit in many areas and receive up to 15 % discount on most items. The special prices are visible when you logged in with the Pro-log into the shop.

You can also buy cheaper fan items and vouchers for taxi rides with a discount of 10 Euros. You can also use them for distribution.

More products from our partners such as SCC and Supersport will follow shortly. If anyone would like to add more partners and you have the necessary contacts, please contact us and we can add it to the web shop.


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