IDS season as exciting as ever


With his victory Christian Koegler classifies in the circle of favorites. This was a drift weekend the IDS has rarely seen. On day earlier, the overall drift community gathered to the traditional Drift Challenge in Hockenheim. Among the nearly 70 starters, it was clear again, that in the Drift Series- IDS, there’s a sporty higher level. All IDS Pro drivers could position itself in a very good place and the winner of the Drift Challenge (1st place Remmo Niezen, NL, IDS Champion 2008, 3rd place Michael Sahli, CH, IDS vice-champion in 2009-2010 and 4th place Yves Faber, LU, IDS Champion 2010) demonstrated in recent years, that they could make it to the top positions of the IDS PRO Championship.

Nevertheless it was a grueling event for the Pro drivers so that it could be interesting to see how the drivers would cope with the small one-day event at the Nürburgring.

At the same evening, most drivers have arrived and all the preparations for the next IDS Pro run at the Nürburgring were taken. Especially the 24 drivers were excited about the “roll-out” of Graeff’s monster, which could not really romp in Hockenheim. But on the high-speed drift track of the Nürburgring it was able to demonstrate its true drift skills.

“The early bird eats the worm”, so all traveled Pro drivers arrived in time at 8:00 for the briefing and after that slowly to bring back the tires up to temperature.

The Nürburgring is not only mature but also material-eating which is generally known and so there were a lot of numbers of failures due to engine damage, control- and other problems.

Although he had a total loss in Hockenheim, the Pro driver Joe Hountondji didn’t distract. Even if the car is not longer able to be rescued after a more annoying collision with a drift colleague, he has once again gathered and arrived with his previous car, the E30 and showed that a drifter could not be brought off the track. The answer came promptly: In an unparalleled aid action all drifters and organizations are willing to help Joe so that he will have his drift car back for the rest of the season.  Anyone who’s interested in participating should look at the comments and suggestions in Facebook and join the ranks.

Also the drift monster had some problems and didn’t want to develop his full level capacity. But finally the Graeff Motorsport Team made it with 170km/h to drift the car through the Schumacher-S.

Even last year’s best rookie and Uniroyal drift team driver Patrick Ritzmann had to spend more time under the car than on the track and he had to fight with smaller engine troubles with big effects.

The Nissan-Alutec Drift Team with Harry Müller and Michael Scherr unfortunately had a total engine failure which happened already in training on Harry’s car so that all the hope for a good result now lay on Michael.

This should however not be disappointed: 3rd place for Michael Scherr and the best overall placing in his young career of drifting.

He had to admit defeat against Oliver Harsch, who convinced by the consistently good performances this year and probably again aiming for the title of the best German Drifter as a minimum performance.

To the surprise of many Oli only hat do concede defeat against Christian Koegler, took 2nd place and collected providing valuable points that catapulted him now all the way up in the standings to 3rd place. Just a better Pro-run by Philip Stegemann prevented the placement of the best German Drifter.

The surprise of the day was undoubtly Christian Koegler with his homemade drift car (his car reached a tuning angle of 55°). In Hockenheim (1 Pro run) a spin prevented a good result in the twin battle, but the second qualification performance expected a lot. Last weekend he could even qualify as the best and didn’t want to give up the “guidance” till the end. In the overall standings Christian now occupies the 4th place and now found the connection to the top and so he is also in the circle of favorites.

Also very impressive Benjamin Boulbes demonstrated his drift skills. It was the first time for the French Drift-Champion from 2010 to drift on the high-speed track of the Nürburgring.

At first he was very impressed and had to fight with some difficulties. With each round he was more and more able to handle his car better on the track and so in the end he could qualify and landed on the 4th place. Only a very narrow decision of the jury in favor of his opponent, Philip Stegemann in the twinbattle but him back to number 5.  Therefore he announced that he will also come to the European Drift Championchip in late September.


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