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On the occasion of the new Fast and the Furious Five cult film again, the question rise: Was the drift through a parking garage spindle as shown in the 3rd part of the movies, fake or real? So the TV-show GRIP Extreme, the IDS and the two IDS PRO drivers and members of the Nissan Drift Team Harald Müller und Michael Scherr tried to answer this question.

The ideal location for this stunt was found quickly. Thanks to the cooperative and positive cooperation with the Rhein-Galerie in Ludwigshafen, in charge of the very sympathetic and motor sport-related center manager Andrea Poul there were the best prerequisites for a successful outcome set. All security measures have been carried out and implemented under the watchful eye of security expert Kay Decker.

In connection with the spindle drift there were various questions asked and analyzed:

  • What condition had to be met?
  • How much vehicle output would be sufficient for such a stunt?
  • Where there vehicle modifications which had to be carried out?
  • Would this stunt work with a series-level car?
  • What are the particular challenges for the drivers?

For this reason, the IDS has organized two vehicles. Harald Müller piloted a new NISSAN 370z and Michael Scherr went strongly to the start with his modified IDS race car, the 550hp NISSAN 300zx.

The action was facilitated and supported of the GRIP moderator Matthias Malmedie, who also expressed interest to drive this stunt. The initial tests revealed an exciting image and promised to be a very exciting and interesting day of shooting.

How the story ended and whether the IDS drivers finally managed to drift through the spindle in one piece, you can view in a special GRIP on RTL II on 1st May at 19:00. So much is revealed: The pictures are absolutely worth seeing and will astonish many.


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