IDS Drifter Christian Kögler is looking back to a successful drift season


Christian Köglers success in the season 2011 was not only because of his drifting skills. Also his technical know-how helped him to be one of the top IDS drifters last year. But his drifting career was not really planned. Raised in a small village in Thüringen, he decided to explore the big wide world and so in 2006 he traveled to Australia.

So he was able to bridge the time until his study, but he decided to stay longer. All in all he spent 1,5 years in Australia, where he heard about drifting for the first time. That was also the main reason for him to stay. He was fascinated by this motorsports and this happened after visiting his first drift event of the Australian Drift Championship. After this event he was sure: He wanted to learn drifting!

But for his start in the world of drifting, he needed a drift car. So he bought an old Nissan R31 and he practiced at every available opportunity.

Back in Germany he wanted to go on with drifting. With his Nissan S13 he took part in several drift trainings and there he met the organizer and also IDS drifter Mathias Burdinski. Together, they showed their skills on drift shows and fairs.

2010, Christian wanted to participate at the IDS Pro-Search for the first time. Unfortunately the IDS season 2010 was anything but good for him. Due to technical problems, he always had to give up before qualifying. But Christian was resolved and didn’t give up: In 2011it should be better!

So he rebuilt his Nissan and wanted to attack again. With the 400 bhp BMW engine and some other modifications, he competed at the first IDS race in Hockenheim and qualified on place 2. A great feature on his car is the rebuilt steering and so he has a steering angle of 55 degrees.

But not only in Hockenheim everything was according to the plan.  On the second run at the Nürburgring he showed his skills to the others and made the first place. But in the Czech Republic he had less luck and crashed into the wall. But Christian didn’t want to give up: With a lot of improvisation and a good team, they repaired the car and Christian drifted to the 4th place.

Since then, the success continued in the Lausitz and this was another victory for Christian. Also the Czech drifters had no chance to win the race and Christian was happy with his decision of not giving up. But at the Nürburgring again he had technical problems. They had problems with the gearbox but Christian’s team made the impossible possible: The whole night they removed the 3rd gear and in the morning the car was ready for the race. With only 4 gears he was able to drift the car and in the end everyone was surprised about his 6th place.

Also the run in Monza, Italy, was a success. With the 3rd place, he gained valuable points for the final. Not only his driving skills were responsible for his success in 2011, also the team was very important. His friend and mechanic Max Heidrich was there at every race providing technical as well as emotional support.

In the final, it was very exciting until the end. Christian had every chance to win. Unfortunately he could not prevail against the other drivers. He landed on the 6th place. But with the points he earned during the season, “Mr. Steering” made the second place in the overall standings. In 2012, Christian wants to attack again and he is determined to take the title.


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