Hountondji Driftbrothers are prepared for PRO season


After the season 2010 was a great success for the Driftbrothers, they want to build on it this year. Eli and Joe could decide any course of the IDS Street Class for themselves and at the end of the Street championship they were tied.  (Placement 1 and 2)  Joe is also ranked as the second best German (with a borrowed car) on rank number 12 of the Falken European Drift Championship which was held in nearly November.

For 2011 the Driftbrothers have big plans.  Eli, the younger of two brothers, is in California to write his thesis but of course, the geographical separation of the Driftbrothers is no obstacle.

So the brothers also have prepared the new season together. From the beginning it was clear that the 192hp of the previous year’s BMW E30 would not be sufficient to face the competition in the Pro Class. In the twin battle there would not be enough power available to keep up with the sports cars of the rivals for speed and grip.

In October 2010 they “stumbled” on a basis for their new vehicle: a Nissan S13 Pick-up conversion. So the Driftbrothers managed to get an interesting car, which was already on the road as a show car in Poland, but the way to a Pro-compatible car was still far away for the Driftbrothers and their supporters. So the entire annual holidays of Joe and also every free minute of the two were spent in the construction of the car.

The goal was to provide a vehicle of the ground that withstands both technically and optically high demands of the drift racing. Against this background the technology was the focus of the modifications.

In addition to a new engine mounting position, a completely new redesigned fuel system including the battery was banned under the platform for the benefit of weight distribution.
Among the numerous modifications and changes such as the double-flow exhaust system and the heavily modified manifold they were complex to realize.

Surprising, the Driftbrothers and their supporters had to invest a lot of work in naturally things such as ventilation, wipers and spray nozzles.

For the Driftbrothers 2011 will be the Start in the Pro Class. Goal for the Driftbrothers Joe and the new vehicle (Dark-White) is to establish in the drift Olympus (IDS-Pro). Key factors in achieving this objective are in addition to the reliability of the car, the driving skills in 2011, and the support of the team, volunteers and new sponsors. Without this support, extremely vehicle conversions such as of the Driftbrothers’ and professional motorsports are impossible.

A big surprise and motivation for Eli and Joe were the many helping hands during their first season in 2010 and recently with the set up of their Nissan Pick-up.

Anyone who has experienced the extraordinary cohesion and cross-team helpfulness in the drift sport understands why the Driftbrothers are confident, even under the difficult conditions, and expect the launch of the season 2011.

Everyone who wants to know more about the Driftbrothers can look at the subsequent film or visit the website: http://driftbrothers.com/

Text: Joe Hountondji Fotos: Joe Hountondji + Hinweise

New patrol car shall ensure a successful debut


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