First Street Run at Nuerburgring


The first Street run on Sunday announced with so much sunshine and ideal drift conditions. The Pro-drivers had another opportunity to test their over the winter rebuilt and modified cars.

For the season 2011, again, the Hountoundji brothers announced their selves for the Pro-Class. Joe Hountoundji came without his brother and took a few settings on his vehicle.

Converted to a Pick-up, the matte black Nissan 200SX made a good impression on the track. In between, some changes and improvements had to be made directly by the autonomous control unit so the specially developed engine with all the analysis technique was used and complete avionics was put to the test, again.

After many extensive training facilities in the afternoon the first Street-Run started and so the IDS opened season 2011. Many familiar faces, but also new drivers came to collect their first points for the IDS Street Championship. So you could be happy about the appearance of Ronny Thimming, who achieved 3rd place with his BMW.

But also the newly acquired drifters of the Street-Class were not underestimated: For the first time in 2011 the drivers Hans-Jürgen Reiss and Markus Müller struggled at number 1 and 2 and set off many others in the shade. Markus announced even after the award ceremony that he started drifting in the IDS in 2008 and after a long abstinence, he was satisfied about taking part in the IDS again. The more it pleased him that the 2nd place was a great success for him.  For the future we will certainly hear a lot from Hans-Jürgen at the upcoming events, because he could convince with a constant performance and at the first event he got the title.

Even if the driftsport is primarily a men-dominated sport, more women are always trying to compete with their male opponents. The 21-year-old Danique Aelaerts came with her BMW from Belgium to ride in the IDS. In her normal life, she works in a garage and this was also the reason why she started drifting. Two years ago her boss showed her how to drift and this Sunday she could make her first drift experience on e real race track at the Nürburgring. Nevertheless, she could keep up next to Bianca Lankes, who’s drifting since two years in the IDS among many men.

She is supported by many friends and family. Since she works in a garage she learns more and more about cars and wishes that she is hopefully soon able to work on her own drift car. The question how she ever came to the IDS, she replied that the IDS is very famous in Belgium and after she visited an event last year, she wanted to come to the Nürburgring to drift in the series. So she had the goal to face the challenge in the Street-Run. Certainly this will not be the first and last Street-Run, so it’s planned to drive as many runs as possible in Germany. If the car will remain intact, she will go to the start at the next run in Hockenheim on 14th-15th May 2011.


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