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Great things are happening all over Europe these days.  One of such great things is the addition of another form of motorsport within Germany!  With the addition of the International Drift Series (IDS) Germany has added yet another great motor sport to the long list of must see events for locals and tourists in Europe!

Drifting itself is one of the few judged action sports in the world, making this another “first” accomplishment that can be added underneath the belt of the IDS Pro series.

One such accomplishment is from a current IDS Pro driver, Jazz Williams.  Jazz, or “Lostboy” as he is known in the drift world, is competing in his first professional IDS season this year!  He is the successful product of the IDS street class from the 2008 season, which is the pro amateur and training level for the IDS Pro series, proving that the IDS program to groom drivers from within works!

The American born driver came to IDS after attending different driving schools and much study of the drift culture in Japan as well as the United States. Entering a car to drift for the first time in late March of 2008, Jazz was no different from the other young drivers and common mistakes were all there.  However, he managed to become friends with a few Pro drivers who took the time to show him how drifting is done properly.  This is when Jazz’s ability to learn and adapt at an incredible rate became clear to everyone.

Graduating from beginner to amateur and then to professional all within a period of one year, the drifting community was curious to see what the future would hold for the young driver.  Jazz was signed by CDT – Performance as a driver, became apart of the Dotz/Nissan team, and was thrown into the spot light immediately for the 2009 Pro season.

Things were not so smooth for Jazz as he struggled to qualify with an unfinished competition car, lack of experience, and was surpassed by the other rookies in the series.  He continued to train his skills underneath Harald Muller, the veteran driver for team Dotz/Nissan and well known professional driver.  CDT-Performance continued to work on the car, a 95 Nissan Skyline, with other sponsors under the command of Martin Kießling, the owner of CDT.

As the car’s build progressed, Jazz continued to grow with each passing moment, gaining more experience as the drift competitions went on.  Outside of the IDS Jazz entered a vareity of demonstration drift events, drift taxis, and private practices to harness what he had learned so far.  After having passed the qualifying run in the IDS, he was able to qualify 8th only to lose in the twin battle by a more experienced driver placing him at 9th place for that event.  His second pro competition ever was an unofficial drift event by IDS called International Drift Cup where he was ranked 4th only to be beaten by current IDS championship points leaders.

Coming to the 4th IDS pro drift round he managed to shake away the qualification curse that held him in previous rounds and was able to qualify again!  During battle he fought his way to 5th place only handing the win to 3rd place points leader in the great 8 battle.  At this moment he is considered to be one of the fastest growing new talents in drifting and at the current championship points standing holding the 11th spot, Jazz Williams is the unofficial top ranked professional drift driver of his ethnicity in the world!  With only few rounds left in the Pros series this year, the championship is out of his reach, but the end result of his latest success seems to only grow and at a very fast pace!

This achievement all under the watchful eyes of the IDS! Congratulations to Jazz and IDS on yet another ground braking, historic achievement, as no other Professional Drifter of Jazz’s ethnicity has reached such high status in a drift series and very few programs for new drivers within a series has produced such success!

Come see this new talent of Jazz Williams as well as many other talented drivers that compete within the International Drift Series!  Want to see what you are missing?  Be sure to check out the IDS channel exclusively on Vimeo!  http://vimeo.com/channels/ids


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