Announcement IDS Season Testing Day on Nuerburgring


The season is approaching very fast. The final preparations are made ​​and the last bolt is tightened. But if the newly pimped drift racer holds really what it promises, he must first stand the testing day on the legendary Nuerburgring drift circuit.

From March 24th-25th 2012 the annual season-testing will be held in the Müllenbachschleife. All drifters are invited to test their vehicles and their drifting skills after the long winter break to refresh. To participate, the presence of relevant experience on a drift race track is essential. The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants without sufficient experience of the event, it is no reimbursement will be granted.

Driving is only on the obstacle course in the drift Müllenbachschleife, like every year will be the route for the finals of the IDS European Drifting Championship. Route changes with partial closures due to weather conditions (snow, fog) to the organizer.

The track times is defined as follows:

  • Saturday., 24.3.: 09:00 – 16:30 clock (depending on lighting conditions)
  • Sunday, 25.3.: 09:00 – 16:30 clock (depending on lighting conditions)

For 30 min before there is a general briefing. A lunch break is not provided.

Participants enjoy free coffee and snacks available. The entrance to the track is via the entrance at the driving safety center II. Please refer the IDS reglements and the general terms and conditions of the IDS. Registration is via IDS webshop


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