Alutec/Nissan-Team Drifter Michael Scherr wins in Sosnová, CZ


IDS drifter convincing at first successful international event in the Czech Republic. With great excitement and expectations the International Drift Series (IDS) traveled to Sosnova last weekend to conduct the first international event together with their new partner series, the Czech Drift Series (CDS). In the Autodrom in Sosnova both the Street- and the Pro-Class found a technically very demanding and therefore very attractive race track.

Already on Friday the hourly training of the two classes began and very quickly it separated the wheat from the chaff. Specifically the wall in the entrance curve demanded a lot from the drivers and so they had a lot of paint and body damage.

Even if there will be no extra points of painting the walls, sp the drivers were always pleased when they can sign the wall with their drift cars.

Overall, however, the first day of practice ended without further problems which were due to the good preparation of the Czech partner series.  Even an evening program was provided.

Two rock bands were playing and entertaining in the evening. So several drivers were animated to do their part to entertain.

Even three riders from Denmark (Nils Becker, Peter Jepsen and Martin Poorhamidi) came all the way up to compete with the IDS and also the Czech drifters in Sosnova.

The drift Saturday started with the morning briefing for the drivers. There the three judges Andy Jaenen, who specially came from Belgium, Peter Basti and David Kalaš (both from CDS) explained the required criteria and gave tips for the upcoming qualifying.  These should also be very demanding.  The closer the trajectory could be placed at the boundary wall, the more points you should be able to reach. The mental and visual assistance was provided by the Czech grid girls, which mainly helped the IDS drivers to reach high performance.

So the IDS was able to show both in Street- and Pro-Class that they can reach the top places. Markus Müller (IDS) reached the 1st place, before his colleagues Dimitri Lust.  Best Czech driver in Street-Class was Stanislav Rydlo on 3rd place.

For the IDS drivers the result of the qualifying is also the IDS total score for the 3rd Street-run in Sosnova. Nevertheless all IDS drivers were were invited to a street twin battle with the Czech colleagues for the first time.

To his own surprise the Pro Qualifying was decided by Alutec/Nissan-teamdriver Michael Scherr. In the training he had to fight with substantially backfire but he already found the right match for the difficult conditions and was able to made a perfect lap in the final race with 96 points from maximum 100.

Michael was followed closely occupied with just 2 points behind by Jakub Zapousek (CDS) who made the second place. Patrick Ritzmann (IDS) was able to get the 3rd place (91 points), who was very happy about it, because he also had to fight with technical problems and so he had to screw a lot. Only Zdenek Wertheim, who is already known through his participation in the European Drifting Championship, could reach 89 points and was able to find the connection to the three best drivers. So he was able to classify with distance in the circle of favorites.

Another interesting point was the implementation of the 38th Bohamia race. More than 150 cars turned the Autodrom into a rallye-track and then they drove their continuous evaluation.

For the drifters that was a very interesting change, but the rather sparse drifts of the rallye drivers could not impress the expert drifters of the CDS/IDS.

On Sunday it was time for the finals of the two classes. Unfortunately rain had set in and the whole Sunday it didn’t stop. The early morning training for all drivers was a good opportunity to adjust the cars to the new weather conditions.

Just for the IDS drivers the new experience to drive a twin battle was very exciting and interesting, because in the IDS there are no twin battles driven.

Unfortunately Hans-Jürgen Reiss and Markus Müller met in the semi-finals and so just one IDS driver could move in the final. With almost Pro-like and perfect drift in the twin battle both underlined their driving skills, but Markus prevailed in the end by a spin by Hans-Jürgen and moved into the final.  Hans-Jürgen fought in the small final against Stanislav Rydlo but had to pass the Czech colleague after a narrow decicion and had to be content with the 4th place.

Stanislav lost out before against Dimitri Lust and so the first Street twin battle final was completely under the IDS flag. Markus Müller was not put off and underlined his qualifying performance with a 12:8 score, referring Dimitri to the 2nd place while he was pleased about the 1st place at the following award ceremony.

In the Pro-Class the top 32 were driven and so every driver already had the chance to improve his qualifying result. However, the favorites should prevail out of the qualifying and preliminaries to the final. Alone, Alain Thomet (IDS), team Speed Industries, CH, who just was on place 18 in the qualifying, could qualify to the semi finals and had joined to the favorites.

After Zdenek Wertheim (CDS) was beaten against the best-qualified Michael Scherr, it was clear that also the Pro final would be a pure IDS-final..

With the pairing of Patrick Ritzmann and Alain Thomet (both IDS) it be should again really exciting, because it was not sure, if the technical problems of the Uniroyal driftcar will hold on and with Alain Patrick had a very strong and persistent twin battle contest.  But Alain had to admit defeat because of clutch problems.

So the final was fixed: Michael Scherr, D: Patrick Ritzmann, D (both IDS). Unfortunately, the numerous spectators who came couldn’t see the final, because Patrick Ritzmann had to admit defeat after the first run due to a technical problem.  His driftcar didn’t have any performance anymore and already in his first run he had to stop several times, so that Michael already had 10 points. In order not to inflict more damage on the vehicle, Patrick gave up the second run and Michael celebrated his first victory with Patrick and the visitors.

The subsequent award ceremony should be very wet for all parties and so it was doused with a lot of champagne. So besides the organizers also team colleagues, managers, relatives and friends of the drivers had to suffer through the champagne shower and they had to enjoy it externally and not as usual..

The drivers were very happy about it and because of the rain the champagne on the clothes could be diluted..

The organizers of IDS and CDS were very pleased about the successful event. Especially thanks to Ales Sila, the manager of the Czech Drift Series, the magic and his team made the event a really successful one and this raises the bar for a return visit in 4 weeks at the Euro Speedway Lausitz (29th – 31th July 2011).

The IDS was looking forward to a great premiere and a very successful corporation with the CDS and hopes for an exciting future together in the driftsport.

With the first foreign assignment, the new bonus points system is used, making the overall classification is now a bit rearranged and Michael Scherr is now on place 1 together with Philippe Guilliod from Switzerland.


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